Are Fat Melting and Cooling Devices Too Good to Be True? Nope!

Do you wish this extreme summer heat would magically make your fat melt away? Unfortunately, the sun isn’t going to do it but, if you want to shape and sculpt without surgery, we do have options for you. Come to the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center and ask about SculpSure and CoolSculpting. One uses heat and the other cold to help you achieve a better body!

Melt Your Fat Away!

Reduce your fat using the powerful SculpSure laser. This treatment heats the fat in the abdomen and love handles, initiating a process that will lead to the loss of fat cells in the treatment area. SculpSure is ideal for stubborn fat—the kind that won’t budge, even with diet and exercise. If you’ve done all you can but still have extra fat on the abdomen, SculpSure can help you achieve a better body.

The SculpSure Details

SculpSure is one of our favorite fat-fighting treatments, beloved by patients and staff alike. It may sound too good to be true but, once you see the results for yourself, you’ll know that SculpSure’s benefits are a reality. Here are a few reasons to try this powerful treatment:

  • In and Out in About 30 Minutes– SculpSure treatments are quick. We can treat both sides of the body (important for maintaining symmetry) in about 25 minutes. Many patients come in on their lunch break.
  • Non-Surgical– SculpSure is non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • No Downtime– Get treatment and get back to life. SculpSure requires no downtime.
  • Natural Looking Results– SculpSure results appear over the course of 2-3 months post-treatment. Many patients like that results appear gradually, as it makes the transition to a better body more subtle and natural looking.
  • Safe– FDA approved, SculpSure has been found to be safe during the approval process and in hundreds of treatments since then. We’ve seen effective results with superior patient safety.
  • It Really Works!– Your results will vary, but patients lose about 20-25% of the fat in the treatment area. You can repeat SculpSure a second time after a couple months for even more pronounced results.

Freeze Unwanted Fat

Another option for non-surgical body contouring is CoolSculpting. This unique treatment option uses cold to freeze and eliminate fat cells. Temperatures might be skyrocketing, but we’re guessing this summer is going to be a chilly one. CoolSculpting can freeze fat on the abdomen and body, producing natural looking results.

The CoolSculpting Details

CoolSculpting is a celebrity favorite, and we’re certain you’ll love it, too. Our patients really enjoy the results they see from this powerful body contouring treatment. Beat the heat and discover your best body!

  • No Downtime– You can return to work and even exercise on the same day as your treatment.
  • Non-Surgical– CoolSculpting is non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • No Discomfort During Treatment– You may feel an intense cooling sensation when the treatment starts, but most patients don’t experience discomfort. Relax, read a book, or listen to music during the procedure.
  • Lasting Results– CoolSculpting destroys unwanted fat cells, providing lasting results. Maintain your look by remaining at a healthy weight after treatment.
  • Beat the Bulge– If you have unwanted fat pockets. ask about CoolSculpting. This treatment can help you to beat the bulge and discover smooth curves.

Hot or cold, we’ll help you find the right body contouring option for your best summer body. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a consultation to discuss these revolutionary treatment options.

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